About IM|CIS

Founded on 1-July-2015

IM|CIS is the official IT society of IM|Sciences Peshawar. The aim of IM|CIS is to provide a platform where students can flourish, explore their hidden talent and utilize their full potential. Here, students can exchange ideas, converse and work with other IT students as IM|CIS aims to promote and foster healthy professional communication and team collaboration among various individuals to create an environment of organizational learning.
One of the objectives of IM|CIS is to develop students’ abilities in critical thinking and to empower them with skills that will lead them to a successful career.
The team of IM|CIS is a group of highly motivated individuals who are determined to serve the society and are striving hard to make possible the accomplishment of its mission as IM|CIS is just founded and there is a long journey ahead. We are looking forward to have more enthusiastic and highly talented members (IT students of IM|Sciences) who are willing to join us in this journey.


Our Mission is to uphold such activities and events that will impart ingenuity in young talent and motivate them to innovate and develop into competent IT professionals.


The vision is to induct IT culture and back the students of IM|Sciences to polish their computing skills, merge with a wide range of academic and industrial organizations to build up career opportunities and evolve their unique potential to embody an enriched and empowered society.

Joint Director’s Message

file37165 (1)Dr. Muhammad Ali

Although IM|Sciences has been ranked among the top business schools’ category, it’s IT department has been at the forefront to highlight IM|Sciences on the national and international educational scene. We feel really proud to have faculty who have achieved international acclaim by publishing in the international journals and representing the Institute at International conferences and events.
For quite some time it was felt that the students of IMSciences, particularly from computing programmes, need a platform where they can not only work under the guidance of the faculty but also have the freedom to be creative and independent (with supervision of course !). I am very pleased to know that finally we have such a platform which will facilitate the students and the faculty both to exploit their hidden talents outside of the classrooms. The current and future opportunities in the IT sector are immense and no institution in the world can impart what is necessary for success in this field. Thus societies like IM|CIS play a vital role in providing the young and brilliant talents to experiment, learn and succeed in areas like online gaming, mobile app industry etc.
I welcome all the organizers of IM|CIS and congratulate them on their successful launch of the society. I also assure that the management of IM|Sciences will provide whatever is possible for the prosperity and success of this society.